We’re not just a contractor; we’re a part of your team helping you achieve your project goals. The end product matters to us as much as it matters to you.

As a general contractor, Alcro can service all aspects of your electrical and instrumentation requirements. We don’t get hung up on obstacles; instead, we focus on solutions. With an experienced staff and a solid infrastructure, we are ready to assist you at any stage of your project. Whether it’s a proposal, design assistance, modularization, field construction, or maintenance, we do it all. We provide full E&I services, field construction, and modularization, which includes control panels, structural steel, HVAC, self-framed buildings, transport, and design assistance.

Alcro has been a part of many projects in various heavy industrial settings, such as oil and gas, power generation, water treatment, mines, and others.


Most of today’s projects rely heavily on modularization. Modularizing equipment and buildings before site construction begins is beneficial for many reasons: ease of scheduling, manageable finances, superior quality of construction, close proximity to customer inspections, and increased safety awareness due to better-controlled environments. Alcro Electric has provided modularization services since 1997, and we consider ourselves experts in the field. We have completed projects as small as a single module to a lineup of forty-four large MCC and process packages for STP and Pengrowth Energy’s SAGD facilities. Our company is structured into five departments that work together to offer the greatest efficiency: Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Work Instructions, Operating Procedures, and Project Execution.

Complete modular construction poses unique challenges and requires a construction contractor with experience, diverse buying power, and a rapid response to continuous scope changes. Alcro has been involved in this type of construction for E-houses, power distribution buildings, communication buildings, and many other types of modular packages. Our team approach has successfully produced exceptional products under some of the most challenging circumstances. Regardless of the building size, Alcro has successfully taken on all general contractor duties and has supplied structural steel, metal buildings, control panels, HVAC systems (c/w ducting), and all necessary electrical installations.

Field Construction

Field E&I construction requires seamless collaboration across many areas. Success is assured when Alcro Electric’s project management group, material procurement, safety coordination, quality control, and HR department work together with the end user, EPCs, supply chain, and support services. Alcro’s approach to large capital projects is twofold: first, to effectively communicate with all parties, and second, to provide precise organization and planning. Our team approach improves understanding of scope, increases product quality, increases employee safety, lowers construction costs, limits unnecessary deficiencies, and reduces construction time.