Innovation and Excellence: Alcro’s Roots

Alcro Electric has provided electrical construction throughout Western Canada for over twenty-five years. Through the hard work and dedication of every person within the company, Alcro has cultivated rich and strong customer relationships. The values of trust, integrity, and satisfaction guide everyone’s efforts at Alcro, with a continued focus on maintaining our unmatched reputation.


Founded by Brock and Steve Crowley in 1997, Alcro had humble beginnings, starting with the determination to take on any job they could find. Their hard work and dedication laid the foundation for the company’s growth. However, the arrival of Voytek in 1999, Alcro’s current president, brought about a new chapter in the company’s development.

When Voytek joined Brock and Steve at Alcro, he brought with him a relentless drive to succeed. His strong leadership skills, business acumen and proactive demeanor became instrumental in shaping Alcro’s path to success. New projects and exciting opportunities expanded not only the company’s client base but also bolstered Alcro’s manpower.

As Brock and Steve saw the positive impact on Voytek’s decisions, and they embraced the opportunity to expand their workforce. By bringing in additional skilled individuals and leveraging their collective skills, Alcro was able to take on increasingly complex projects and provide exceptional results for their clients.

Through the collaborative efforts of Brock, Steve, and Voytek, along with the dedicated contributions of the entire Alcro team, the company steadily grew and evolved into the thriving enterprise it is today. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, along with hundreds of people along the way, laid the groundwork for Alcro’s reputation as a trusted industry leader.

Our Standards

Here at Alcro, we pride ourselves on quality, safety, and efficiency, but most of all, on customer relationships. When you hire Alcro as a contractor, you’re hiring a dedicated team member who is just as invested in the final product as you are.

We’ve proven to ourselves and to our customers time and time again that choosing Alcro for one job means choosing Alcro for all your jobs. We work with you to ensure you get the product you want and need.