Voytek Lukasiewicz


As a fresh-faced eighteen-year-old, Voytek began his electrical career in the oil and gas fields of northern Alberta. As the 1990s came to a close, he moved to Calgary and joined Brock and Steve Crowley to work for Alcro Electric, where he eventually became president in 2012. He’s worked all aspects of Alcro’s business, from journeyman to project manager to business development. His enthusiasm for the company has never waned, even while the industry has faced constant upheaval and uncertainty.  With a focus on employee growth and satisfaction and unwavering commitment to clients, Voytek believes in treating people with respect.

Gary Jackson

Area Sales Manager

Gary, or “Jax” as he’s often called, first met Voytek while working shoulder-to-shoulder at a job site in 2000, and they later solidified their friendship over a Bud Light at BPs. Twenty years later, over yet another Bud Light, Gary decided to join the Alcro Electric team. Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in industrial electrical construction. He has worked as a field electrician, field supervisor, area manager, and in business development. Gary understands the market’s construction processes, and he makes it his mission to ensure a happy customer.

Lance Gill

Project Manager

Lance joined Alcro in late 2000 as a first-year electrical apprentice. He has experience in field construction, field supervision, and project management. Lance likes to focus on the details and has high expectations for a job well done. He cares about loyalty—to customers and colleagues—which is proven by his years of service with Alcro. Just like with his fly fishing, Lance doesn’t do anything halfway. He puts his all into every project and every client. Go fishing with him once and you’ll get it.

Dave McIntyre

Project Manager

Dave joined Alcro in 2001 as a third-year apprentice and quickly gained the respect of employees and clients. In 2009, Dave was promoted to project manager. With a penchant for learning new things and a keen interest in the industry, he has developed a no-nonsense, practical approach to his jobs that clients appreciate. His sense of humour may be a little bit twisted, but you’ll get used to it.

Greg Clark

Project Manager

Greg joined Alcro in 2008 and advanced through the ranks to eventually become a project manager in 2015. Greg’s strong attention to detail and great personality have made him a PM that customers really enjoy working with. The word “can’t” isn’t in his vocabulary, so no matter the obstacle, he always finds a way to succeed.

Devon Vanofwegen

Project Manager

Devon joined Alcro in 2005 as a first-year apprentice and became a project manager in 2019. He doesn’t take shortcuts and has no bad habits because he has been trained “the Alcro way,” and thus has earned his spot on the A-Team. His organizational skills and fifteen years of experience in the field have made him a great asset to his customers. Don’t let the Duck Dynasty beard fool you; his penmanship is impeccable.

Brett Magnus

Senior Material Procurement

Brett had years of experience in electrical wholesale before joining Alcro in 2004. All the PMs depend on him for accurate and consistent material procurement, and he always delivers. He is one of the most loyal members of the A-Team, and one of Alcro’s biggest assets.